Aether - Röki (Original Soundtrack) Exclusive Limited Edition Turquoise Vinyl LP Record

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Röki (Original Soundtrack) Exclusive Limited Edition Blue Turquoise Vinyl LP Record


A01 Scandinavian Skies
A02 The Walk Home
A03 The Cabin
A04 Monsters are Real
A05 Escape
A06 Tales from The Forest
A07 Tree of Many

B01 Forgotten Church
B02 The Sunken Cabin
B03 Trollhilde
B04 The Poisoned Forest
B05 Cave of Potions
B06 The Wolf Ruins
B07 Nokken
B08 Siren Pool
B09 Fossegrim

C01 Widow Drau
C02 Waking Memories
C03 Jötunbjörn's Lair
C04 The Forgotten Song
C05 Jötunhjort's Glen
C06 Reflections
C07 Remember Me
C08 The Well

D01 Jötunúlfur's Peak
D02 The Raven Tower
D03 A Father's Path
D04 That Night
D05 Lost Lullaby/Nå er Dagen Over
D06 Röki
D07 Farewell