Conspiravision Deus Ex Remixed Clear Blue Pink & Black Swirl Vinyl 2x LP VGM

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Alexander Brandon & Michiel Van Den Bos ‎- Conspiravision: Deus Ex Remixed Clear, Blue/Pink & Black Swirl Vinyl 2x LP Video Game Music (Including A Holographic Gatefold Jacket)



  1. So It Begins (Deus Ex Main Title)
  2. Reyes Gauntlet (Training Room)
  3. Return To Liberty Island (Liberty Island)
  4. Home Base (Unatco)
  5. Mission Critical (Unatco Combat)
  6. Ambrosia Hunt (Battery Park)
  7. Night Assignment (New York Streets)
  8. A Tough Decision (Lebedev's Airfield)
  1. Paris Dance (Paris Club)
  2. Nicolette's Rapture (Duclare Chateau)
  3. Synapse Awake (The Synapse)
  4. Conspiracy Theory (Versalife And Majestic 12)
  5. Beneath The Waves (Oceanlab)
  6. Assault At Oceanlab (Oceanlab Combat)
  7. Alien Influence (Area 51)
  8. Helios And Icarus (Ending 1)
  9. The Illuminati Reborn (Credits)