Gears of War - Original Trilogy Soundtrack Exclusive Limited Edition #300 Black Vinyl Box Set with Azure Marcus In Game Character Skin Included

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This pressing, in classic black vinyl, is limited to 300 sets and is available exclusively here on the Xbox Gear Shop. As an added bonus all orders of this product will include a Gears 5  ‘Azure Marcus Character Skin' in-game item digital code sent when your order ships!

DISC 1 (Gears of War)
Side A
Gears of War
14 Years After E-Day
Jacinto Prison
Attack of the Drones
Embry Square
Fish in a Barrel

Side B
House of Sovereigns
Minh's Death
Entering The Tombs
Tomb of the Unknowns
Ephyra Streets I
Ephyra Streets II
Miserable Wretches
Stay in the Light

DISC 2 (Gears of War)
Side A
Chap's Gas Station
Fill 'er Up at Chap's
I Will Kryll You
Imulsion Mines
Locusts, Wretches, and Kryll, Oh My
5 Cent Cave Tour
East Barricade Academy
The Fenix Estate

Side B
Hidden Lab
Locusts Over for Dinner
Running With Boomers
Oh the Horror
Train Wreck (Locust Theme)
Train Ride To Hell
Gears of War Reprise
Gears of War (Piano)

DISC 3 (Gears of War 2)
Side A
Return Of the Omen
Hope Runs Deep
Green As Grass
Finally, A Lead

Side B
Armored Prayer
Hold Them Off
Derrick Chase
Building Thunder
Hell Breaks Loose

DISC 4 (Gears of War 2)
Side A
Racing To Extinction
If They Can Ride'em
Unexpected Changes
March Of The Horde
Denizens Of The Deep

Side B
With Sympathy
Insurmountable Odds
Bump In The Night
Autumn Of Mankind

DISC 5 (Gears of War 3)
Side A
Gears Keep Turning
Meanwhile Below Deck
Stalk City
High Seas Tension
Infected Large and Hungry
Marcus' Rock
Calm Before Chaos
Bridge Too Far Indeed

Side B
Those Aren't Stranded
Forever Omen
Hanover's Favorite Son
Fence House Suicide Pills
Ghost Town
A Fine Mess
Loss Of A Leader
Deadland Dance

DISC 6 (Gears of War 3)
Side A
Creeping Dread
Hammer Meet Anvil
Corpser Ambush
Last Resort
Full Circle
Jumped Species Barrier
Ashes Fall Down

Side B
Fathoms Below
Gasbag Airways
Paradise Found
Father And Son
Fury Of The Tempest
Live For Me
Finally A Tomorrow
This pre-order item will be available to ship March 2022