Larry Juris DeadTime Stories OST Limited Edition Numbered Hand Poured Vinyl LP

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A1 Get In Bed
A2 Bedtime Tales
A3 Once Upon A Time
A4 Peter & The Witches
A5 The Graveyard
A6 The Thing In The Tomb
A7 Secrets Of The Black Forest
A8 All About Magoga
B1 Happily Ever After
B2 Psych!
B3 Bedtime Tinkle Tunes
B4 O, That Thang!
B5 Bad News Walkin'
B6 Transformations
B7 Rhapsody in Red and Fur
B8 Bedtime Music Box Slams
B9 Loony Bin
B10 Goldi Magic
B11 Baers Ride Again
B12 Sneaks
B13 Goldi In The Grass
B14 It's Him
B15 Dragged Net
B16 The Godpapa
B17 Brian Goes Nigh-Nigh
B18 Wolf's Lament

Brand New Vinyl LP

Exclusive Limited Edition Multi Colored Hand Poured 180 Gram Vinyl LP

Only 200 Copies Pressed Worldwide