Neneh Cherry - Raw Like Sushi Black 3x LP Exclusive Vinyl Record With Autographed Lithograph

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Raw Like Sushi Black 3x LP Exclusive Vinyl Record


  1. Buffalo Stance
  2. Manchild
  3. Kisses on the Wind
  4. Inna City Mamma
  5. The Next Generation
  6. Love Ghetto
  7. Heart
  8. Phoney Ladies
  9. Outré Risqué Locomotive
  10. So Here I Come
  11. Heart (Its A demo)
  12. Buffalo Blues
  13. Buffalo Stance (Sukka Mix )
  14. Buffalo Stance (Electro Ski Mix)
  15. Buffalo Stance (Arthur Baker Nearly Neu Beat Mix)
  16. Buffalo Stance (Arthur Baker 1/2 way to House Mix)
  17. Buffalo Stance (Kevin Sanderson Techno Stance Remix One)
  18. Manchild (Old School Mix)
  19. Manchild (Massive Attack Remix)
  20. Manchild (Smith N Mighty Remix)
  21. Inna City Mamma (Re-recorded Extended Version)
  22. Inna City Mamma (Cold Blooded Remix)
  23. Kisses On The Wind (David Morales 'A Little More Puerto Rico' mix)
  24. Kisses On The Wind (Dynamik Duo + Latin Racals Mix)
  25. The Next Generation (Rap One Mix)