Skies Of Arcadia Eternal Soundtrack OST Exclusive Marble Blue 3x LP Vinyl RARE

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Skies Of Arcadia Eternal Soundtrack Exclusive Marble Blue 2x LP Vinyl RARE OOS
Composed by Yutaka Minobe and Tatsuyuki Maeda, the Skies of Arcadia soundtrack
sets the tone for a wonderful adventure throughout beautiful and varied celestial lands,
and plays a crucial part in making the game one of the Dreamcast's finest titles.
Masterfully crafted by some of the pioneers of Japanese video game music,
it is a technological prowess of its time thanks to the use of interactive arrangements
that changed the mood of the music depending on the land you explored or the events
happening on screen. Furthermore, some tracks were fully orchestrated and performed
by the Skies of Arcadia Symphony Orchestra

- Three 180g vinyl discs, remastered by Delphi Sound studio,
each with its own illustrated sleeve.
- A completely new 24-page booklet, featuring Itsuki Hoshi's
gorgeous artworks and new comments from the development team
(Shuntaro Tanaka, Rieko Kodama) and the composers (Yutaka Minobe, Tatsuyuki Maeda).
Learn never heard before details about the birth of the game!

Two brand new piano arrangements, created by Ramon van Engelenhoven,