Sonic Adventure 2 Official Soundtrack OST Rare Black 2x Vinyl LP Edition (NM)

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A1 Introduction …featuring “Open Your Heart” 1:51
A2 It Doesn’t Matter …Theme of “SONIC” 4:30
A3 Welcome to Station Square 3:15
A4 Azure Blue World …for Emerald Coast 4:15
A5 Run Through The Speed Highway …for Speed Highway 1:58
A6 Pleasure Castle …for Twinkle Park 2:39
B1 Believe In Myself …Theme of “TAILS” 3:54
B2 Be Cool, Be Wild and Be Groovy …for Ice Cap 2:29
B3 Theme of “Dr. EGGMAN” 2:32
B4 Mt. Red: a Symbol of Thrill …for Red Mountain 2:38
B5 Blue Star …for Casinopolis 2:24
B6 Lazy Days ~Livin’ in Paradise~ …Theme of “BIG” 4:02
C1 My Sweet Passion …Theme of “AMY” 5:14
C2 Mystic Ruin 3:31
C3 Theme of “TIKAL” 3:23
C4 Unknown from M.E. …Theme of “KNUCKLES” 4:31
C5 Theme of “CHAO” 2:29
D1 Bad Taste Aquarium …for Hot Shelter 3:39
D2 Egg Carrier - A Song That Keeps Us On The Move 4:04
D3 Skydeck A Go! Go! …for Sky Deck 1:41
D4 Theme of “E-102γ” 4:34
D5 Open Your Heart …Main Theme of “SONIC ADVENTURE” 5:11
Sonic Adventure Official Video Game Soundtrack 2x LP Black Vinyl Record Near Mint

  • Double LP contains 2 × 180-gram records pressed on Black vinyl
  • Housed in a gatefold jacket and features PERFECT CHAOS illustrations
  • Contains 2 full-colour inner sleeves with exclusive outlined Sonic character design
  • Song Lyrics & Character Art
  • Includes a download Code for digital track
  • May have small corner ding or crease on cover that is solely cosmetic.