The Proud Family Exclusive Violet/Hot Pink Color Vinyl Limited Edition LP Record

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Various Artists - The Proud Family Exclusive Limited Edition Violet/Hot Pink Color Vinyl LP Record


  1. The Proud Family: Louder and Prouder Opening Theme
  2. Change Me
  3. I Ain't Gotta Dance
  4. Hands Up Cash Out
  5. Disinfect Me (With Your Love)
  6. Cuter Than You
  7. Proud to Be
  8. Gas Station Nachos
  9. I Sold Out, I'm Not a Sellout
  10. My Wish Came True
  11. Shabooya Roll Call
  12. It's All About Me
  13. Enjoy Yourself
  14. Bobby's Jam: Dysfunkshunal
  15. We Are Best Friends
  16. Together Makes It Better
  17. If I Ruled The World
  18. Boom Boom Boom