The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt Soundtrack Exclusive Limited Edition Orange Lava Colored 4x Vinyl LP

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The Witcher 3 Wild Hunt Soundtrack 
A1The Trail 
A2Geralt Of Rivia 
A3Ereding, King Of The Hunt
A4Wake Up, Ciri
A5Aen Seidhe
A6Commanding The Fury 
A7Emhyr Var Emreis 
B1Silver For Monsters
B2The Nightingale
B3City Of Intrigues 
B4The Hunter's Path
B6The Vagabond
B7...Steel For Humans
B8Fate Calls
B9Drink Up, There's More!
C1After The Storm
C2Cloak And Dagger
C3Blood On The Cobblestones
C4Farewell, Old Friend
C5The Song Of The Sword-Dancer
C6The Hunt Is Coming 
C7The Fields Of Ard Skellig
C8Ladies Of The Wood 
C9I Name Thee Dea And Embrace Thee As My Daughter
D1In The Giant's Shadow 
D2Merchants Of Novigrad
D3A Story You Won't Believe
D4Go For It
D5The Wolf And The Swallow
D6Like A Wounded Animal 
D7Words On Wind
D8On Thin Ice
D9Hunt Or Be Hunted 
The Witcher 3 Wild Hunt Expansion Pack Hearts Of Stone Soundtrack 
E1Hearts Of Stone
E2Go Back Whence You Came
E3You're... Immortal? 
E4Evil's Soft First Touches
E5Dead Man's Party
E6Mystery Man
F1Breaking In
F2Whatsoever A Man Soweth...
F3The House Of The Borsodis
F4The Temple Of Lilvani
F5A Gifted Man Brings Gifts Galore
The Witcher 3 Wild Hunt Expansion Pack Blood And Wine Soundtrack 
G1Blood And Wine
G2Fanfares And Flowers
G3For Honor! For Toussaint!
G4Blood Run
G5The Banks Of Sansretour
G6Wine Wars
G8Titans Of Infamy
H1On The Champs-Désolés
H2Beyond Hill And Dale...
H3The Mandragora
H4Tesham Mutna
H5Wind In The Caroberta Woods
H6The Beast Of Beauclair
H7Searching For Cecilia Bellant
H8The Night Of Long Fangs
H9Lady Of The Lake
Exclusive Limited Edition Orange Lava Colored 4x Vinyl LP
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