Yasunori Mitsuda ‎– Xenogears SHINKAKU RARE Limited Edition 2x Vinyl LP

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A1 冥き黎明 : Dark Dawn
A2 海と炎の絆 : Bond of Sea and Flame
A3 おらが村は世界一 : Village Pride
A4 盗めない宝石 : Intangible Treasure
B1 傷もてるわれら 光のなかを進まん : We Wounded Follow the Light
B2 神無月の人魚 : October Mermaid
B3 飛翔 : Soaring
B4 最先と最後 : The Beginning and the End
B5 遠い約束 : A Distant Promise
C1 冥き黎明 : Dark Dawn -Orchestral Version-
C2 BALTO : Bartholomew
C3 LAHAN : Lahan
C4 Memories Left Behind (Revival Version)
D1 We, the Wounded Shall Advance into the Light (Revival Version)
D2 神無月の人魚 : October Mermaid
D3 飛翔 : Soaring -Orchestral Version-
D4 The Beginning and the End (Revival Version)
D5 遠い約束 : A Distant Promise -Piano Version-

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